Investor relations

HSL issues quarterly financial statements and an Annual Report to shareholders. These, as well as any press announcements are available at the Group’s website.

The Board of HSL is fully committed to the highest standards of corporate governance, recognising that transparency and accountability are fundamental to ensuring sustained business prosperity, enhancing shareholder value and safeguarding Group assets.

The founding Yu/Yii family remain the majority shareholders in the company, while Permodalan Nasional Berhad and the Employees’ Provident Fund are among the substantial long term investors.

HSL is a regular winner in the nation’s most prestigious business awards receiving accolades or high rankings for Best Shareholder Value, Most Profitable Construction Company, Best Performing Stock, Best IR Professional, Best CEO for IR etc.

HSL’s enduring profitability; sound returns and prudent, low gearing management style have attracted astute investors and a loyal following from major fund management institutions.

Investor Relations