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Hock Seng Lee Berhad is a marine engineering, civil engineering and construction company based in Kuching, Sarawak. It undertakes dredging, land reclamation and earthworks, road and bridge construction, tunneling and other infrastructure and building works.

Its wholly-owned subsidiary Hock Seng Lee Construction Sdn Bhd is involved in property development. Other wholly-owned subsidiaries are HSL Land Sdn Bhd for investment in real properties, and HSL Management Services Sdn Bhd which is in involved in management services for gated and guarded developments.

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Green week 2018

Here at Hock Seng Lee, we’re committed to green initiatives. Twice a year, our staff contribute to our Green Week collection as part of our CSR programme. Together, we managed to collect a truckload full of items to be recycled.

Everything from old newspapers, electrical and household items to even computers are collected to be donated to the Tzu Chi Merits Society, who in turn recycle and redistribute the items to the needy.

“It helps greatly whenever we collect so many useful items that can be recycled and reused for the needy, especially in large volumes like this,” said Tzu Chi recycling officer Kee Wen Ling, pointing to this year’s haul.

“We’ve been collecting HSL’s Green Week items for the past few years now, and the amount is very encouraging each time.”

Kee explained that the items are painstakingly sorted, cleaned and categorized before they are redistributed.

“We have our own recycling centre where we process the items, and any money made from selling these items are also donated to the needy and disaster victims.”

HSL’s corporate affairs manager Shirley Loo, who once again successfully organised Green Week, expressed her thanks to staff members for contributing to the collection.

“The response has always been very good for Green Week, and this time was no surprise, with some staff even donating working electrical items, luggage bags and clothes to the needy, among the usual assortment of used books and papers,” she said.

“We hope to collect enough to fill two trucks during the next round of collections, as the number of staff is always growing, along with office supplies that are constantly upgraded.”

Gym Equipment Ready at Precinct Luxe

We’re happy to announce that the Resident’s Clubhouse here at Precinct Luxe at La Promenade is now ready with the latest gym equipment on the market.

HSL collaborated with Level Up Fitness to equip the gym with a full range of workout equipment and strength training gear on the second floor of the clubhouse, which has ample space for brisk exercise sessions and even a studio area for yoga or dance enthusiasts.

The gym’s floor space is divided into three areas, each one for specific equipment types for different workouts, which are cardio, pin-loaded and free weights.

The cardio area houses seven treadmill and stationary bike machines – including three treadmills, two elliptical cross trainers, a recumbent bike and an upright bike. Perfect for those low to high intensity cardio sessions, the cardio area also overlooks Precinct Luxe and its guardhouse, with an unobstructed view stretching to the horizon.

There are three state-of-the-art pin-loaded machines in the corner of the gym, giving fitness fans access to leg curl and leg extension machine, a chest and shoulder press machine and a dual adjustable pulley machine.

In the free weights area, residents can choose between using the multiple dumbbells of varying weights on the rack, or building up a sweat on the Smith machine, multi adjustable bench and flat benches.

Access to the clubhouse and all of its facilities is exclusive only to residents of Precinct Luxe, so homeowners here can rest assured that there will be plenty of privacy and convenience at their doorstep.

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HSL’s sales team can be contacted at 012 888 9494 (Farah), 019 887 7070 (Lyn Tieo), 019 888 7979 (Angie Joan), 019 888 1331 (Troy), 019 888 2020 (Sharon) and 012 888 7117 (Chong).

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