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Hock Seng Lee Berhad is a marine engineering, civil engineering and construction company based in Kuching, Sarawak. It undertakes dredging, land reclamation and earthworks, road and bridge construction, tunneling and other infrastructure and building works.

Its wholly-owned subsidiary Hock Seng Lee Construction Sdn Bhd is involved in property development. Other wholly-owned subsidiaries are HSL Land Sdn Bhd for investment in real properties, and HSL Management Services Sdn Bhd which is in involved in management services for gated and guarded developments.

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HSL carried out a second Green Week collection in the first week of November, accumulating nearly four tonnes of recyclable items for the the Tzu Chi Merits Society.

As always, the items will be recycled by the charitable society and then sold; the profits of which will be used to help the needy.

Volunteers from among HSL’s employees gathered early to help gather the large quantity of recyclables from among HSL’s various departments, arranging them in front of its offices at Jalan Kwong Lee Bank, Kuching to be loaded into the waiting truck, which would have to make two trips to gather all the recyclables.

“HSL is helping us greatly by gathering such large amounts of recyclables each time – the larger the amount, the more we will be able to recycle and resell. Which in turn helps generate more funds to be donated to the needy,” said Tzu Chi recycling officer Kee Wen Ling.

The amount collected this round fulfilled the promises made by HSL’s corporate affairs manager Shirley Loo, who promised to fill up to two trucks worth of recyclable items during the last round of collections in August this year.

“Once again, we are proud of HSL’s staff for coming together and gathering such a large amount of recyclables for this round of collections. The truck, which has a capacity of two tonnes, will need to make two trips to collect everything this time around,” Loo smiled.

Each item will be sorted and then processed and cleaned before going through the first round of the recycling process, after which they will be sold or redistributed to the needy.

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