KUCHING: Hock Seng Lee (HSL) will unveil its third and final showhouse in La Promenade’s Precinct Luxe this Saturday at 10am.

The “10/10, 10am” grand unveiling will feature HSL’s most innovative showhouse to date — a three-storey “Convertible House” that offers many configurations.

A collaboration with IDC Architects and Design Network Architects, Convertible House can comprise three big bedrooms with a large home office, or have four big bedrooms, or five normal sized bedrooms, or three bedrooms plus one apartment loft.

“These are just but a few combinations possible with Convertible House. Convertible House fully maximises Precinct Luxe’s 2,500sqft space from ground floor to level three. Truly, there is no other product as big, flexible and value-for-money as a Precinct Luxe home,” property development general manager Tay Chiok Kee said.

Last month, HSL announced the completion of Precinct Luxe, which comprises 112 super-link units with an exclusive residents’ only clubhouse.

Convertible House is the third and final showcase for Precinct Luxe.

IDC principal Tina Lau said HSL had a simple design brief.

“The client wanted a showhouse that maximises space usage across all three floors, promote landscaping and emphasise La Promenade’s healthy living,” Lau said.

HSL valued clear and concise “architectural storytelling” in the showhouse.

“For that, we introduced planter boxes inside and out, the entrance is awash with natural light from the jacked roof; we replaced walls with movable and foldable partitions. Bedrooms have become flexible spaces, a new study area has been introduced. Access to level three is via lightweight stairs, which do not impede light nor ventilation.

“What Convertible House is, is about ideas — it is not about decorations. It is minimalist to emphasise potential. All walls are a simple white for light to reflect, handrails are functional rather than ornamental.

“The storytelling here is a Convertible House to showcase all possibilities of Precinct Luxe homes. This Convertible House is something IDC is immensely proud of.”

Precinct Luxe’s new showhouse will be opened every day after the unveiling. For this weekend, the showhouse will also feature handicraft from Ranee Artisan.

HSL is following strict Safe Operating Procedures for all its sales events. Face mask, hand sanitisers, temperature checks and no over-crowding would all be enforced.

Precinct Luxe is the second development within the 200-acre La Promenade gated development. A first phase, Precinct Premiere, has sold out. A third phase, Precinct Grande, is under construction.

La Promenade is the largest gated estate in Sarawak. Houses start from below a million to RM3.8mil, from duplexes to designer mansions.

In 2019, Precinct Luxe won the National Architecture Institute Award in the low-rise multiple residential category. In 2017, La Promenade won the Malaysia Landscape Architecture Awards for being a “township within a park”.

La Promenade has half the density of normal housing estates and twice the landscaped greenery.

A lease-only neighbourhood mall opens year-end, kicking starting La Promenade’s commercial zone.

For more information, call 013 836 5566 or visit, and

CONVERTIBLE HOUSE: This new showhouse at HSL’s Precinct Luxe, La Promenade, is a “Convertible House” with flexible spaces by IDC Architects and Design Network Architects.

10/10,10am: The third and final Precinct Luxe showhouse — Convertible House — at La Promenade opens October 10, 10am.

THREE FLOORS: This 2,500sqft house is three-floors, with flexible spaces for multiple large bedrooms, a home office, or any other combination the house dweller prefers.

SOP: HSL will follow all Safe Operating Procedure including temperature checks, masks, hand sanitisation and no over-crowding.

NATURAL LIGHTING: This new showhouse demonstrates how good architecture can significantly increase natural ventilation and lighting, which are crucial to living in the tropics.