Tg Manis Deep Sea Port

Located at a bend of the Rajang River, just 30km from its mouth, the Tanjung Manis Deep Sea Fishing Port was completed in 2007 and is one of the most modern and technologically advanced fishing ports in the region. Modeled after its counterpart in Skagen, Denmark, the port cost RM332 million to build and sits on 35.1 hectares of land, with a wharf that spans the length of 600m.

Completed with a highly efficient infrastructure designed to land, store, process, and market the catch of the numerous vessels docking there, the natural deep anchorage port also has a 11m long access draft channel that contributes to the 19,000 tonnes of fish landed at the port in 2016.

A symbol of HSL’s ongoing involvement in port projects, the building of the port required the extensive expertise of HSL’s marine and civil engineering divisions and now stands proud in the company’s annals as one of its most successful.