SamariangAman3, Colour & Win, September 2020


1st – Jarrell Chong – Great shading in the piece, adding so much debt into the artwork. Beautiful hibiscus added too.

2nd – Fong Xin Yuan – What a clever way to capture the spirit of any home. Happy families make happy homes!

3rd – Sya Fadhil – This entry came with this caption:
“Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue and dreams that you dare to dream really do come true. To a child, it’s not about how big the house is, but how happy the household is”.

Consolation – Fin Lang – A house coloured in just like the glowing sun. Who doesn’t like a happy yellow house?

Honourable mention – Dhiya Izzara – She’s too cute for us not to give her a prize. She’s only 4 years old, our youngest participant yet. We love it. A+ for effort.



1st – LiongLio – With a celebratory representation, this entry captures the joys of a home and also the spectacular skies of Kuching.

2nd – Gloria Ries – This entry skilfully brings out the two things our development focuses on – your home amidst planned green spaces.

3rd – Walter Wee – Everyone remembers the excitement of getting a new bicycle. The lucky ones among us would also have fond memories of moving into a new house.

Consolation – Ivy Choong – Inclusive of people, nature and uniquely Sarawakian – just like our homes.