Safe Operating Procedure at HSL

KUCHING: A foot-operated hand sanitiser, temperature gun, declaration forms and safety officers greeted all who resumed work at Hock Seng Lee (HSL) offices today.

It was a picture of orderly calm and positive excitement. HSL is practising Safe Operating Procedures.

Social distancing is the priority. Less than half of office staff are reporting to work. Everyone is divided into two groups, each coming in on alternate weeks.

This allows the workspace to implement policies like no sharing desks, and prevent long queues and congestion at bottlenecks like staircases.

At the same time, many staff continue to work-from-home. For the past six weeks, the company has stepped up its technology usage. Virtual meetings, drop boxes and digital approvals are the new norm.

“We are ensuring safety and health for all, and along the way, we are learning newer ways of working. For instance, we are discouraging the use of photocopiers, printers and faxes now. This is safer for all, and it is also eco-friendly,” safety and health officer Charles Lee (李威德) said.

“As we go along, we’ll be making more adjustments to our SOP and share relevant public safety info on our webpage,” he added.

The company’s sales gallery at La Promenade and all its showhouses at Highfields, Vista Industrial Park and Samariang Aman are now opens.

“We have resumed guided tours of all our showrooms. Our sales consultants couldn’t be happier to be back to work, and we are following strict SOPs,” sales and leasing manager Trish Lui (雷美珍) said.

Safety checks being conducted on day one of CMCO at HSL’s office in Kuching.

Safety officer Charles Lee taking the temperature of a staff at HSL’s office in Kuching on CMCO day one.

A SOP notice with modified HSL logo to emphasis social distancing.