Introducing Quadruplexes To SWK

The typology is increasingly popular in Singapore and Peninsula

KUCHING: Hock Seng Lee (HSL) is proud to announce the first quadruplexes in La Promenade are ready for public viewing.

Houses based on the innovative typology — whereby all four units are ‘corner’ or ‘end lot’ units — are rare in Sarawak, but popular in advanced residential developments in peninsula Malaysia and Singapore, where they are also called cluster homes.

Quadruplexes are popular in peninsular Malaysia and Singapore, where they are also called cluster homes. The typology is relatively new to Sarawak.


HSL’s quadruplexes are supersized, with walled-up areas from 2,903sqft (269m2) to 2,451sqft (227m2). For comparison, normal terrace houses can be half the size while semi-detached units on the market are usually no more than 2,400sqft.

“Quadruplex owners will enjoy houses that are like large semi-Ds but at more affordable prices,” corporate affairs manager Shirley Loo said.

Internally, each quadruplex at La Promenade has its own courtyard and air well that acts as a separation chamber between the units. External fins on the second floor add privacy. Each quad enjoys 8.07 points of land.

The quadruplexes are the last units within Precinct Premiere and they are ideally located lakeside.

Externally, fins add to privacy, while internally, a courtyard and air well separates the units. The air well also allows in natural light and improves cross ventilation.


“We are so pleased with how the quadruplexes have turned out. This type of homes is new to most Sarawakians. It’s something people need to see for themselves to fully appreciate,” senior property development manager Tay Chiok Kee said.

“The internal space usage is outstanding. The units are airy and bright. They have clearly defined spaces for living, dining rooms, dry and wet kitchens. There are also elderly friendly guest bedrooms on the ground floor.”

Upstairs, hallways with solid timber floors lead to bedrooms on the sides of the house, while the air chamber allows natural light and cross-ventilation into the whole house.

Tay said HSL took a risk when it decided to proceed with the quadruplexes.

“Our directive to architects and town planners is always that HSL wants to be innovative. At the discussion stage, all ideas can be presented and discussed. We wouldn’t have these quadruplexes today if we didn’t start with the right mindset.”

Views from one of the bedroom facing Precinct Premiere’s duplexes and bungalows.

Lakeside views from one of the bedrooms with HSL Tower and La Promenade Mall in the background.


In April last year, HSL became the first Sarawakian developer to win a Malaysian Landscape Architecture Award in the masterplanning category for La Promenade. Judges were impressed with early landscape implementation at priority areas, even distribution of parks, streetscape consistency and pedestrian amenities.

In January this year, La Promenade won top honours at the SHEDA Excellence Awards in masterplanning and landed residential categories.


La Promenade offers true two-tier security. A main guardhouse separates the township’s commercial and residential zones, and there are secondary guardhouses at each of the precincts.

All guards are in-house staff ensuring better quality control and on-the-job performance. They are trained to be “friendly but firm” and are aided by high-tech surveillance systems.

All La Promenade homes have direct cabled video intercoms with the guardhouses.

Other features of La Promenade include superior materials and finishes throughout, three-phase electrical supply, fibre optic internet ready, centralised hot and cold water systems, reinforced concrete framework with RC piles and others.

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The main guardhouse between La Promenade’s residential and commercial zones. All Precincts, including Premiere, have their own secondary guardhouse.

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