HSL Tower Among Buildings Going Green

The Sunday Post on April 26 ran an article on the Green Building Index in relation to climate change. Reporter Irene C highlighted that HSL Tower will be next Green Building Index certified building in Sarawak.

Our original move-in date was March 27, however, due to the movement control order, that has been delayed. We are proud our new office will be environmentally friendly.

Here are highlights from the piece:

On HSL’s new office building

“The upcoming building going for GBI certification is the HSL Tower at La Promenade, featuring state-of-the-art green architecture and facilities.”

On Quality Living at the upcoming Precinct Grande

“Ong is also the master planner for Precinct Grande, the third residential development within La Promenade, based on the Green Building concept.

The houses incorporate Green Building features such as skylights for lighting and windows built into the jacked roofs of the terrace houses to allow light in through the ceiling, giving plenty of natural light and ventilation.

This is different from the conventional intermediate terraced houses where the interior is dark as only the front and back areas get light from outside, hence the need to turn on the lights, he pointed out.”

To read the entire article, visit: https://www.theborneopost.com/2020/04/26/buildings-going-green-to-mitigate-global-warming/