HSL raised funds for Sarawak Society for the Deaf

KUCHING: Staff from Hock Seng Lee (HSL) participated in the recent Sarawak Society for the Deaf (SSD) charity food fair and managed to raise more than RM1,000 as part of its commitment towards its company-wide ‘Healthy Bodies, Happy Minds’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme.

Coordinated by its Human Resources and Corporate Communications Department, a team of about 30 staff from various departments including those from accounts, project management, human resource and admin, set up two stalls at the event held at the Association of Churches (ACS) premises along Jalan Stampin last weekend.

“The team sold a variety of food and encourage our colleagues to contribute preloved but usable items such as books, toys and collectibles which can be resold to raise funds for SSD,” said HSL’s corporate communications manager Cheryl Cheah.

According to Cheah, the company remains highly committed in its role towards community service to help the underprivileged and will continue to encourage volunteerism among its employees.

“We have organised and participated in countless outreach events since the campaign was rolled out end of last December. Our CSR efforts are driven by a sincere passion to make a difference in people’s lives and at the same time serves as a team-building activity for our staff,” she said.

Organised annually by the SSD, the charity food fair is aimed to raise funds to finance its planned activities.

The planned activities include early intervention programme for young deaf children, vocational skills training for teenagers, sign language courses as well as other ongoing projects such as the construction of a coffee and snack corner for the carwash area and an art gallery.

“We believe that everyone should play their part in giving back to the community and every little help counts. Our CSR programmes range from areas such as education and environment, to health and welfare. We commend SSD’s efforts in relation to community living with hearing disability and we wish SSD all the best in its future endeavours,” she said.

For more information, contact Cheah at +6016-8709584 or visit hsl.com.my where there is a dedicated CSR page. The company welcomes CSR ideas from the public.

A team of about 30 staff from HSL were seen selling food items at recent Sarawak Society for the Deaf (SSD) charity food fair.

Organised annually, the charity food fair is aimed to raise funds to finance its planned activities. Ernest Ting (far right), manager of SSD was also present during the event.