KUCHING: Hock Seng Lee (HSL) is moving to its new Green Building Index certified office complex on Monday.

Called HSL Tower, the 10-storey building is located prominently along the Kuching-Samarahan Expressway, about 15mins from its old Pending shop lots office.

The complex includes the three-storey La Promenade Mall, which will open by year end.

Senior Corporate Communications Manager Jennifer Tang said HSL Tower is a demonstration of the multi-disciplinary construction specialist’s advanced capabilities.

“HSL Tower is one of the first privately built offices in east Malaysia that complies to the latest Green Building Index standards. This building uses smart technologies to reduce energy usage by 25%. Our number one objective was an energy efficient contemporary office building. We worked with some of the best local and national talents to put it all together,” Tang said

“We paid particular attention to construction details. We made sure high grade materials like stones and accent walls were installed with care. We followed landscape artists’ recommendations, such as tree types for wraparound gardens on the ground floor, levels five, nine and 10.”

HSL Tower features custom made triple-glazed glass, which lets natural light in but keeps out the heat. All together, there are 3,700 panels of these eco-glass.

Inside, partitions are mostly floor to ceiling glass panels. This allows natural light to reach further into the building’s core. Even the top of cubicles have small transparent panels that allow light through to the next workstation.

Natural light shafts are also created from the ground level going into the underground carpark. “Natural light without the associated heat is the defining feature of HSL Tower,” Tang said.

A number of local food and beverage stores will join La Promenade Mall whereas the staff cafeteria on level five will be operated by one of the most popular restaurants on Kuching’s  TripAdvisor — Indah Cafe.

An on-going fund-raising collaboration for Hope Place will make use of the training facilities on level five soon as well.

La Promenade Mall will be services oriented rather than retail focused. The company is working with non-governmental organisations to create events and co-sharing spaces. The mall will have privileged banking, gym, supermarket and others.

A decently sized community space, the mall will serve staff, expressway commuters and residents of the La Promenade gated community. HSL Tower and La Promenade Mall is part of the 200-acre integrated township. Both are the first components of the 40-acre commercial zone.

For more than 40 years, HSL has operated in Pending and grew to be a well known company in Sarawak today. Sentimental values aside, Tang said that the move to HSL Tower is a new milestone for the company.

“Although we are excited to move to the new office, we won’t forget the Pending office either because it is the roots that made our company what it is today,” Tang added.

Visit hsl.com.my and lapromenademall.com.my for building info, leasing rates and mall updates.

NEW ERA: Starting July 20, 2020, HSL operates out of the new HSL Tower at La Promenade along the Kuching-Samarahan Expressway.

MANY MEMORIES: The old office at Pending served HSL for over 40 years.

PROCESS: Staff setting up their new workstations. HSL occupies levels five to 10 of the tower; level four comprises office suites for long-term lease; level one to three is La Promenade Mall, which opens year-end.

ROOTS: Bringing some of the old into the new office.

BOX BOX BOX: A neatly stacked wall of boxes in front of one of the ground floor entrances.