HSL TOWER is our new headquarters.

Situated at the midpoint between Kuching and Samarahan, HSL Tower is a 10-storey Green Building Index (GBI) certified complex.

It is the first commercial component of the 200-acre La Promenade development, which began with gated residences in 2016.

HSL’s offices occupy the top five levels of the building. The fourth floor comprises office suites for long-term lease.

Levels one to three is La Promenade Mall with a supermarket, restaurants, coffee cafes, convenient store and a gym. This is a lease-only mall with a carefully selected tenancy mix.

Indah Cafe, which is the top-listed restaurant in Kuching on TripAdvisor, is the first food and beverage business to open in HSL Tower.

Indah Cafe operates the 120-seater staff cafeteria on level five. With social distancing implemented, our cafeteria sits a maximum of 70 people and the management has introduced staggered lunch hours.

HSL Tower is built according to the latest GBI standards. To qualify, rules are stringent — our building had to prove at least 25% greater energy efficiency.

To do that, architects from Jurubina Unireka used the twin strategies of minimising exterior-to-interior heat transfer, while allowing natural light in.

A total of 3,700 panels of triple-glazed glass made this possible. This office building uses very little electrical lights. Natural light reaches into almost every room of this building except the lift core.

Internal partitions are floor-to-ceiling glass panels and a portion on top of all workstations have transparent panels for light to reach the next cubicle.

Even the document storage rooms have glass channels at the top of the walls for sunlight. On the ground level, light tunnels into the basement have further reduce electric usage.

In terms of cooling, the eco-glass facade have air gaps in them, like a flask, to limit heat transfer. External fins strategically fitted around building’s corners and intermittently between floors prevent the harshest direct sunlight.

Our building’s air conditioning system work intelligently with sensors throughout to optimise for cool-but-not-cold temperatures.

Another crucial aspect of GBI was to ensure all furnitures, from chairs to tables and carpets, were from responsible sources. Administratively, we have adopted 3Rs — reduce, reuse, recycle — in our workflow.

Finally, the landscape department made full use of wraparound terraces on the ground floor, levels five, nine and 10.

HSL Tower occupants enjoys full fibre optic Internet, face scans together with build-in temperature sensor for security access and among the fastest elevators in Sarawak.

Attention to construction detail can be seen everywhere, for instance, at the ground floor reception, which uses high-grade materials installed with precision. Patterns on stone accent walls are matched, while the building’s main entrances feature chamfered edges. Every floor has OKU-friendly toilets.

Visit HSL Tower today.

Call 016 816 8866 for office suites to lease.

La Promenade Mall opens later this year.