HSL Shines A Light On Down Syndrome

The Company’s Second Healthy Bodies, Happy Minds CSR At Rehab Centre

KUCHING: As part of its corporate social responsibility programme, ‘Healthy Bodies, Happy Minds’, Hock Seng Lee (HSL) staff helped to clean and improve the Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Centre last weekend.

Members of the Community Based Rehabilitation Centre packing sauces and tissues for a fast-food chain on Saturday, while HSL staff help spring clean in the background. It was part of HSL’s Healthy Bodies, Happy Minds corporate social responsibility programme.

HSL is long-time contributor to the charity that focuses on Down Syndrome at Jalan Ong Tiang Swee in Kuching.

“We first learnt about the CBR through our Chinese New Year fund giving exercise. We got to know Ronald Law, a key volunteer there, and we are admirers of CBR’s success,” HSL corporate affairs manager Shirley Loo said.

“We are glad to bring our ‘Healthy Bodies, Happy Minds’ to the CBR today. Our CSR serves the dual purpose of team-building and shine a light on worthy causes. Many from HSL come from humble backgrounds; we have all benefitted from a helping hand throughout our lives. This is our way to continue the virtuous cycle.”

‘Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds’ a company wide programme co-ordinated by its Human Resources and Corporate Affairs Departments.

Staff are divided into teams, given a budget and time off work to carry out charitable programmes. The monthly programme began last December with a collaboration with Hope Place.

CBR’s goal is to help the mentally challenge be independent. “We don’t want anyone to end up doing nothing after school, after 18. Doing nothing is bad. We want to help them have jobs, have a purpose, that is why we set up this centre,” said Law, a 65-year-old full-time social worker.

Some 300 locals with Down Syndrome are registered with CBR.

KFC is CBR’s biggest client. The fast-food giant outsources the packing of sauces, tissues and other take-away items to the CBR.

“Even though we have 300 people registered, our centre is only big enough to accommodate 40 people. Many do their own work from home. We welcome any kind of help from the public. We are a phone call away or visit our centre,” Law said.

HSL’s next Healthy Bodies, Happy Minds will be a collaboration with an orphanage. The company wide programme also includes sponsoring staff on physical activities like Wildlife Conservation Society’s recent Run For The Wild event. On April 28, HSL will participate in the Kuching Autism Run.

“My colleagues and I have also sponsored and organised donation drives for the Sarawak General Hospital’s blood bank. We learn a lot on these outreach programmes. It’s very satisfying work,” said Loo.

For more information, visit hsl.com.my where there is a dedicated CSR page. The company welcomes CSR ideas from the public.

CBR’s Ronald can be contacted at +60 19 838 0166. The charity is at 6, Jalan Bisayah, Off Jalan Ong Tiang Swee.

Ronald Law, Community Based Rehabilitation Centre volunteer