Environmental Protection for the Future

Environmental preservation is a critical consideration in all HSL’s operations and EIAs are an integral part of project proposals. Many projects are in fact for the purpose of protecting the natural and the man-made environment. Among these are centralised sewerage to alleviate pollution of waterways, shore protection works, revetment walls, maintenance dredging, flood mitigation, drainage and water management.

HSL has pioneered systematic tree preservation whereby large trees are carefully excavated, pollard and preserved with the aid of horticultural specialists. Numerous large, old raintrees salvaged from road projects have been successfully saved and re-planted at residential estates and park as we strive to achieve our green initiatives.

Landscapes are a key component of the company’s real estate development planning. Whenever possible, residents are rewarded with carefully planned green buffers and lifestyle amenities like footpaths.

HSL goes above and beyond established best practises when it comes to greening its residential projects. The 1.8km main boulevard in La Promenade has 700 pine trees.