HSL is making version 1.0 of our Safe Operating Procedure public. This document allowed us to return to work systematically and safely under the Conditional MCO.

In this document, we highlight the importance of social distancing at work, flowcharts of precautionary measures, and weekly shifts to prevent congestion in the office while reducing risks.

We are continueing to tweak our SOPs based on feedback from employees and the latest from authorities. Check back to see updates.

Covid 19 Safe Operating Procedure 14.05.20 (ONLINE)

A look at day one of CMCO at HSL’s existing headquarters at Pending, Kuching, two months after the pandemic brought life to a virtual standstill. Safety and health officers greeted staff to have their temperatures taken and hands sanitised.

They were also required to hand in declaration forms.

Only those who passed all precautions were given green tags that allowed them into our offices.

SOCIAL DISTANCING: Queuing up outside HSL’s current headquarters at Pending in Kuching. Photos by Eric Chin.

PRECAUTION: Temperatures being taken and recorded.

ALL CLEAR: Green, indicated via stickers, means the individual passed health precautions tests and allowed in.

INFOGRAPHICS: Notices with HSL’s modified social distancing logo and key prevention steps all around the office.

X: A table marked for social distancing.

‘LEG PRESS’: A temporary foot operated hands-free sanitiser by Poh Yong factory’s manager Wong Ming and engineer James Goh.

WELCOME BACK: Happy working everyone and stay safe!