Precinct Luxe’s third and final showhouse is HSL’s most innovative yet. Called ‘Convertible House’, it is a three-storey, 2,500sqft, superlink home offering flexibility of space and usage.

This Convertible House is highly configurable.

For instance, it can be a multi-generational home with up to five bedrooms, including an elderly friendly room on the ground floor.

Alternatively, Convertible House can feature three bedrooms with a separate apartment loft space within.

Or, Convertible House can have four big bedrooms plus a family play room, or a gallery, or a luxurious home office. The possibilities are unlimited.

This showcase in La Promenade is a collaboration between IDC Architects and Design Network Architects (DNA). The former designed this showhouse for us, while the latter is Precinct Luxe’s main architect.

IDC’s main goal was to maximise usage of these extra large houses. The youthful design firm took an aggressive approach, replacing entire walls with huge movable shelves, adding movable screens and introducing new study platforms.

IDC also cleverly incorporated La Promenade’s signature landscaping features into Convertible House. Planter boxes were installed on the ground and first floor, while dual-use steps and seats were built into the backyard.

“What Convertible House is, is about ideas — it is not about decorations. It is minimalist to emphasise potential. All walls are a simple white for light to reflect, handrails are functional rather than ornamental,” IDC principal Tina Lau said.

“The architectural storytelling here is a Convertible House to showcase all possibilities of Precinct Luxe homes. This Convertible House is something IDC is immensely proud of.”

DNA’s William Khoo said Precinct Luxe was designed as “landed condominiums”. “It has all the amenities of high-end condos — security, clubhouse, pool, gym — on landed properties. These residences have the best-of-both-worlds, so to speak,” Khoo said.

Supporting local, this new showhouse features the work of Ranee Artisan Gallery, from tables to wall art.

Precinct Luxe is the second phase in La Promenade. The first phase, Precinct Premiere, has sold out. Currently under construction is Precinct Grande.