Samalaju Water Treatment Plant

Rural water treatment and supply is an area of great potential for HSL and also a rewarding field given that a safe, reliable water supply has a positive impact on raising the living standard and protecting the health of fellow Sarawakians while encouraging commerce and industry.

In this vein, the Samalaju Water Treatment Plant, which has a maximum capacity of five million litres of water per day, was established to provide a reliable, efficient water supply network for the various industries located in Samalaju Industrial Park and other surrounding areas in Bintulu.

HSL oversaw the entirety of the construction process, including the pump and chemical houses, aerators, flocculation and sedimentation tanks, along with filtration process facilities – leveraging on its marine engineering skills and technical capabilities. The project, which cost RM90.28 million, was completed in April of 2013 and now supplies treated, clean water to the entire industrial area.