Land Reclamation

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HSL is Sarawak's market leader in land reclamation and is rapidly establishing itself as a key national player in the industry. Sarawak's rugged, mountainous interior has restricted urban centres to the coastline and the immediate low-lying riverine hinterland. In these swampy areas, land fill is an essential precursor to the construction of roads, residential, commercial and industrial facilities. Development projects to serve the growing community have resulted in considerable demand for land reclamation works.

HSL is a quiet achiever. Land reclamation is not a high profile business and few realise the complex logistics and geo-technical engineering involved in site preparation. The use of vertical drains, vacuuming and surcharge techniques are among the methods HSL employs to ensure rapid ground consolidation on reclaimed sites.


Efficient large-scale site clearance, sand and earth fill operations require advanced methods and specific heavy machinery. Thus, land reclamation is a highly capital intensive and specialised field.