Civil Engineering

Sarawak is faced with the dual challenges of remote rural areas in need of development (access roads, piped water and mains power) and towns and cities feeling the pressure of rapid urbanisation and industrialisation. The latter give rise to the need for centralised sewerage, flood mitigation, better roads and flyovers. All in all, there is a vast amount of infrastructure work to be done in Sarawak.

The Malaysian federal government has pledged to upgrade and extend Sarawak's limited road network as part of the Vision 2020 industrialisation policy. Meanwhile, the SCORE (Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy) initiative is further intensifying infrastructure development across central Sarawak.

HSL has the technical expertise, qualified staff, advanced machinery and necessary official registrations and licences, including PKK and JKR Class A, to enable it to undertake civil works of any size nationwide.

To date, HSL has completed approximately 700km of road works throughout Sarawak with many roads built over swampy low-lying terrain necessitating specialised geo-technical engineering techniques. Numerous other major road and bridge projects are under construction and being procured.